Vera Wang: Designer Style

If you’re captivated by Grace Kelly’s style and edgy catwalk couture, then Vera Wang may be your designer soul mate. For over twenty years, she’s continued to redefine bridal with poised, sophisticated wedding gowns. We think the secret is her “less is more” approach! Expressive, complex layers crafted from fine textiles such as silk organza and taffeta are wrapped into draped, modern silhouettes. The result is dresses with the delicate intricacy of snowflakes.

Vera Wang Brides: The Right Designer for Me?

Spectacular though they are, a Vera Wang gown is ideal for a woman drawn to retrained luxury.  You won’t find head-to-toe beading or an overabundance of anything. They seem created to grace a wedding with the clean lines of a Japanese garden and the elegant drama of a crystal chandelier-bedecked ballroom. 
One of our favorite things about Vera Wang is that while her gowns definitely whisper of the runway, you don’t need to be a model to wear one. Her contemporary gowns are well suited to women of varied shapes and sizes. However, if a gown with straps (and we don’t mean gossamer bits of tulle) is a must, you may find the selection somewhat light. 

Vera Wang: Bridal Style

There’s something indefinable about a Vera Wang gown. Though many of her designs appear to draw from those worn in earlier eras, we wouldn’t call them vintage-inspired or traditional. And while Vera’s gowns are classic, they are without a doubt innovative. Her minimal yet opulent approach is enchanting…something that almost every woman hopes to be on her wedding day!