Pronovias: Designer Style

During the ‘20s in Barcelona, brides flocked to a store called El Suizo to find gorgeous lace, embroidery and silks for their wedding gowns. In 1964, the owner and his family launched their first bridal collection, and Pronovias was born!  Years later, gowns with a fiery romantic spirit and timeless beauty made with gorgeous textiles define Pronovias and capture women’s hearts.

Pronovias Brides: The Right Designer for Me?

If any designer understands the importance of a dress with a spectacular rear view, it’s Pronovias. Extravagant elements that adorn the backs of Pronovias wedding dresses include cascading ruffles, lace, draping and pleats. Perfect for a girl who wants to make an entrance…and an exit.

Pronovias also knows that not every girl wants to wear strapless! Throughout their collections, there are sleeves, straps, and jackets.  Even better, those aforementioned design details are as stylish as they are functional.  You won’t find a matronly look in the bunch.

Though informed by fashion, Pronovias is neither edgy nor avant-garde. In particular, modern women who can hear processional music just thinking about traditional lace bridal gowns will love Pronovias. Lace is undeniably the leading lady in their classically inspired collections.

Pronovias: Bridal Style

A unique combination of traditional spirit and forward thinking is reflected in every Pronovias gown. That may have something to do with being a family-owned Spanish company as much as one that has changed the face of the bridal industry. Among other things, they pioneered partnering with specialist designers like Valentino and Ellie Saab.

Either way, we’re in love with the way Pronovias gowns whisper with Old World glamour while walking down twenty-first century aisles.