Maggie Sottero: Designer Style     

Maggie Sottero’s mission “to make dreams a reality” says it all. In this globally popular collection, traditional details like lace, beading and crystal come together with contemporary silhouettes made for walking down the aisle.    That award-winning appeal is due not only to a collection full of rich, beautiful gowns, but also to quality. At a price point rife with cut corners, Maggie Sottero sets itself apart with trend-conscious design, sewn (instead of glued) embellishments, and superior construction.

Maggie Sottero Brides: The Right Designer for Me?

Many brides can find a gown they fancy in Maggie’s deep collection, especially women who, after trying several on, still want something more “bridal.” However, Maggie Sottero’s designs definitely lean toward the elaborate, and ladies who would describe their bridal style as simple may not find their match.
What we love most about Maggie is that their gowns’ fit and finish belie their price! Maggie’s trademark corset closure and focus on structure almost never fail to put a smile on brides’ faces. That, combined with a liberal use of Swarovski crystals and other high-end adornments, makes this designer a favorite!

Maggie Sottero: Bridal Style

Maggie Sottero gowns definitely strike a chord. Women often surprise themselves with how they respond to them, and we think it has everything to do with aesthetic. Modern styling, lovely draping, lace and sparkle whisper of royalty without the requisite bippity-boppity-boo…something that, until slipping one on, brides don’t realize is missing.